What Is The Main Features Of The OPPO A54


Onyx is regarded as one of the strongest and most durable materials used in modern mobile phones and tablet computers. The OPPO A544 smartphone from Oppo is made out of this durable material. The manufacturer has equipped this device with top notch technology that will help it withstand bumps, scratches and extreme shocks. It comes with advanced dual camera system which features laser zoom and image stabilization technologies to capture clear images. OPPO A54

Camera The camera of the Oppo A534 has a 5.TPS resolution camera with an optical image stabilization system. The OPPO A544 comes with an astounding 6.551-inch full glass-bodied display with a kick-proof punch-cut display. The flexible IPS LCD panel of this smartphone features a 16:9 aspect ratio along with a high-definition screen. Moreover, OPPO has provided an impressive visual experience along with its 7.0 inch capacitive touch screen which helps you to quickly and accurately use the camera applications on the device.

Processor Speed When it comes to speed, this smartphone is one of the best. It comes with quad-core processor that ensures speedy performance. This device also features an Adreno Cortex A5 processor that provides a powerful device to users. With the fast charge support available on this device, you can always keep it topped up with extra capacity. It gives you ample storage space to store important data including plenty of multimedia files and pictures.

Rear Camera Setup Another reason why OPPO A54 is considered as a great mobile phone is the amazing imaging quality it offers. The main camera of this smartphone is complimented by an eight megapixel primary camera with laser autofocus. The secondary camera has a tiny six mega pixels for capturing crisp images in a clearer manner.

Ram One of the best things about the A 54 is that it offers a large amount of RAM that ensures you do not face any problem in enjoying good entertainment on this handy mobile. It allows you to download apps and perform tasks faster. Apart from that, you will also be able to upload plenty of pictures and videos using its built in internal memory. With a quad-core processor that runs on the Windows Mobile OS, the A 54 gives you smooth and fast processing power for your photos and videos.

Storage Space The storage space of the A 54 is just right. You can store lots of important documents in this powerful device without facing any difficulty in saving them. The spacious back-up enables you to store any movies and music you want to keep for a long time. This remarkable smartphone comes with an expandable memory in the form of a CFast SIM card that supports the fast sharing of files.

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