iPhone 12 Pro max Vs iPhone 11 Pro – Which is Better?


The iPhone 12 Pro max is the latest in high-tech gadgets that are sure to be a big hit in the professional market this year. With features you’d expect only from the most expensive models, this one falls right in the middle of the price range at just over one hundred dollars. That’s not too shabby for an iPhone. And, of course, it has all the high-end functions you’d expect like the ability to stream large videos and take pictures. Plus, with the additional charge pack you can get the ability to read PDF files and expand your storage space without buying extra accessories. iphone 12 pro max

The iPhone 12 pro max has many features that make it perfect for professional photographers and other individuals who would like to be able to capture high quality photos and videos even when on the move. It offers features similar to those of the iPhone 5s plus some of those found on high end Android phones. It also offers a wide color spectrum for clearer pictures and videos, similar to that of some of the higher end Android phones. But in addition to those high end features, this phone also offers great battery life which allows you to finish a full day of work without worry.

The touch screen on this version of the iPhone 12 pro max is easy to use and does not have the cramped button areas that some other models have. While the large buttons do provide for easier operation, the screen itself is easy to use and provides a very crisp and clear view of what you’re trying to capture. Some of the other notable differences between this model and the iPhone 11 pro include a larger home button and a larger landscape mode. The large home button is perfect for those who want to quickly access all of the functions on their phone. Plus, the landscape mode allows you to take your photos from a particular location or specific object, so if you’re taking action shots, you’ll have your choice of where to focus your camera.

One of the only drawbacks to the iPhone 12 pro max is its smaller screen size, which may prove to be a disadvantage for some users who are used to viewing larger screen sizes. On a final note, overall, this is a great device for anyone who wants the capabilities of an iPhone but does not want to carry around an iPhone with a bag or pocket. The iPhone 12 mini provides all of the functionality of its larger siblings while keeping a smaller screen in a sleeker design.

Overall, both the iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 11 mini are high quality cameras that are highly capable of taking great images. However, the mini is probably going to win our award for “best value” due to its lack of larger body and more compact face sensor. In addition, the iPhone 11 pro max has a higher res display for those who are looking for the most colorful and detailed photos. For professional photographers, this feature is definitely a plus. For every user, there will be different preferences when it comes to the camera they prefer, so we recommend you test both models to find out what works best for you.

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