Best Selling smartphones – The Vivo Y33S


Vivo Y33S is the cheapest smartphone available in the market today. It is the perfect tool for a person who wants to make the most of their mobile phone and stay connected with their loved ones. It can be used to send messages, take pictures, stream videos, play games and connect to the internet at the same time. However, before you purchase this handset, it is important to understand how to get the best deals. Here are some tips to guide you on how to buy via y33s.

The prices of the smartphones in the market vary greatly. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework before buying a smartphone. The main selling point of a smartphone is its price, but you should not neglect functionality when choosing a smartphone. For instance, if you are looking for a smartphone with good sound quality, then you should not forget the feature of ear phone protection. This important function of the smartphone will keep your ears safe from getting hurt if you are accidentally dropped or hit. An earphone holder is also useful in preventing dust and unwanted particles from entering into your ear.

The Vivo Y33S has a curved display that is quite large. The phone comes equipped with capacitive and touch sensitive navigation keys. The phone also includes a six-megapixel camera and a six-megapixel front-facing camera. The Vivo Y33S has two SIM cards including a prepaid SIM card and a standard SIM card. The phone also has a USB cable and an HDMI out port that support High Definition video recording. The connectivity options of the Vivo Y33S include GSM /GPRS and EDGE.

The Vivo Y33S has an impressive camera setup. The phone features a dual-tone LCD screen with auto-focus and a dual-mode Auto Focus with manual focus. The two modes allow for different image results depending on what you are trying to achieve. The primary camera has an eight megapixel auto-focus lens, while the secondary camera has a ten-megapixel sensor. The rear-mounted flash is capable of shooting in both normal and slow modes. vivo y33s

The Vivo Y 33s has two major advantages over the competition. It is the first smartphone with complete software experience that is compatible with Windows Mobile platform. This is an important advantage because this type of smartphone comes pre-loaded with many useful applications and functions that users will use regularly. The second advantage is that it comes with a media player and flash drive pen, which allow users to capture videos and photos easily and quickly. In addition, the phone also supports MMS and WAP which are two widely used wireless networking protocols that allow users to send and receive text and multimedia messages on their smartphones.

The Vivo Y33S has all the features that make it a top smartphone in terms of performance and looks. However, the phone also suffers from some minor disadvantages including slow performance and slow start-up time. It also has weak speaker quality and lacks OMA connectivity but these issues are minor compared to other advantages of the handset. In general, this product excels in the sub-standard category when it comes to features but falters when it comes to its performance and camera performance.

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