About A Bad Hotel Room

It’s common to come across a bad hotel room especially if you travel regularly. Some of the signs of a bad room include:


    • Gross: the room could be having dirty linens or stains that make you squeamish. The room could also be having burns that give the room an unpleasant look.


    • Pay WIFI: many hotels provide free WIFI; however, if you have to pay for internet connection, the room is bad and you should think of switching to another.


    • Too many ads: there are some hotels that have a lot of advertisements on the night tables, desks, and even on the bathroom counter. The advertisements make the room look like a billboard which is very unpleasant.


  • Unsafe: there are many reasons that can make you feel unsafe. For example, you can feel unsafe due to the location of the room, the flimsy lock or just a bad feeling. If you are feeling unsafe, you should listen to your gut and look for another room. It’s also wise to look for another hotel.


How to deal with a bad hotel room

When you have a bad room you should immediately ask the management to switch you to a new room. You should politely explain the reasons why you feel you need to switch. Here you should show the manager stains, dirt, trash, pests or any other thing that is making you want to leave the room.

If you are staying for only one night and you are unable to switch the room, you should avoid showering in the hotel. Instead you should spot clean. If the room has plumbing problems, you should avoid using the tap water; you should use bottled water instead. 분당룸싸롱

If you are unable to switch the room, you should ensure that you spend as little time as possible in the room.

For example, if you are on holiday and you had already paid for your stay, you should spend your time outside. For example, you should go swimming, biking, or engage in any other activity that will get you away from the room.

Once you have completed your stay in the hotel, you should write a letter to the management complaining of your stay. If the hotel is a major hotel chain, you should also contact the headquarters.

To prevent other guests from undergoing what you have already gone through, it’s good that you post an honest review on the major travel sites.

Hotel etiquette

If you manage to switch the room and you decide to stay in the hotel, you should ensure that you practice etiquette during your stay.

When it comes to tipping, you should give the housekeeper a tip of between $2 and $5. In addition to the housekeeper, you should also tip the bellhop at least $2 for every bag that he carries. You should also tip the bellhop $1 for every additional bag.


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