2022 Leo Overview: Horoscope 


Dear Leo, you have a decisive year ahead of you. Mid-July, Jupiter will enter your sign, triggering a personal new beginning and amplifying your personal magnetism to new heights. Until then, you’re in an excellent position to perform inner work and recover. leo zodiac sign

This year, working on your communication abilities is especially important in the first half. When aggressive, fiery Mars transits your third solar house of communication, some of it retrograde. You might be pretty active in building contacts and spreading the word right now. Still, impetuous or even brusque communication can cause complications. This can also be seen in terms of mobility and transportation. Reduce the volume as much as possible, especially at work in January and everywhere else from March to May. Learning, communicating, and connecting provide some of life’s greatest pleasures – and challenges.

It would be best if you learned to listen to others to appreciate the value of genuine dialogue and exchange and to see both sides of an issue. Slowing down, being aware of social graces and networks, and becoming more aware of others’ needs and communications may relieve nervous tension and assist you in achieving more happiness and inner balance. You’re also encouraged to spend more time in your neighborhood, with your siblings, at school, and with your family.

The first half of 2022 has been a powerful time for healing and service – and I love every minute of it! However, there is a risk of overdoing escapism, which should be avoided. May is a perfect month for finishing a creative project, reaping the benefits, and having more energy for family matters. While family and home life can feel limiting and restrictive at times this year, there is more delight or pride in meeting duties in May.

In the first half of the year, you’ve done a lot for others and, for the most part, you’ve felt good about it.

In early 2022, your most essential task is to make peace with the past. This will allow you to better appreciate the Jupiter in Leo transit, which begins in mid-July and lasts well into 2023.

Saturn’s impact on you is still present. There may be a loss of vigor or an increased vulnerability to minor health problems. In recent years and in 2022, the home has not always been the best destination for retreat and leisure. Making the home a healthy place to live, both physically and mentally, will help a lot.

This year, there is also more emotional sensitivity and openness. You’re feeling more and more compelled to investigate your inner needs and psychological makeup.

Keep an eye out for carelessness or even dishonesty in your money interactions, especially with others. Some of you may be overextended in debt, or a significant other may be a financial drain in some way.

For you, the second part of the year is all about awakening. Your desire to experience life rather than go through the motions has grown overwhelming. You project a more confident image of yourself. Many of you are gaining confidence in your own body and demeanor. You’re letting go of some of your more immature behavior patterns and becoming more at ease in your own skin. This is an excellent time to improve your manners and look. However, it usually happens without much effort — it’s a natural process. People genuinely like you, not because of what you do, but because of who you are. They particularly appreciate your presence during this period. Your priorities include personal joys, freedom, self-expression, and creativity.

Many of you are experiencing exciting energy in your romantic relationships. You may attract foreigners, instructors, or intellectuals to your experience. Some of you may develop a long-distance relationship or meet someone special while traveling. At this time in your life, an essential thing to you is a meeting of minds. You’re looking for intellectual stimulation and want to learn and try new things. In the first part of the year, love may be complicated (or even absent) for some. There may be a relationship that is personal or selfless in some way. From the middle of the year onwards, there occurs a love awakening, flowering, or discovery. From September onwards, your romantic ruler, Jupiter, forms a favorable aspect with your relationship ruler, Uranus, thrilling excitement in your love life. It’s also an excellent time to travel, study, and have your artistic abilities recognized.


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